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Testimonial from Cassandra Denning – Custodian Wealth Builders Reviews

This week, another story has been shared from┬áCassandra Denning, who has been a Custodian client since 1999. “I’ve been a Custodian client since 1999. I purchased my first investment property from them at age 23. That property doubled in value in the early 2000’s south-east QLD property boom. A few years later, that growth enabled […]

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Custodian Land Complaints: Property Investment

Custodian Property Investment founder, Mr. John Fitzgerald, is considered to be one of the leading experts in this field and said to have delivered a proven property investment strategy to hundreds of clients for almost 20 years. Most of their clients are those who want to build their wealth by building a residential investment property […]

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A Case Study – Custodian Wealth Builders Reviews

We love it when people find us, follow our processes, and then realise their financial success. One example is the Wachnik family, who have always been proactive about wealth building but never had the right advice. One day, they decided to research further and came across information from Custodian Wealth Builders or Custodian Investment as […]

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