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This week, another story has been shared from Cassandra Denning, who has been a Custodian client since 1999.

Customer Review“I’ve been a Custodian client since 1999. I purchased my first investment property from them at age 23. That property doubled in value in the early 2000’s south-east QLD property boom. A few years later, that growth enabled my husband and I to purchase a home in Sydney – without saving for a deposit! Now we are in our early 40’s with a young family (kids aged 11 and 1) living in north-west Sydney with three Custodian investment properties. We now have two properties in south-east QLD and one in Melbourne; poised for the next boom! We are average wage earners and I only work part-time now. We love that Custodian makes investing in multiple properties seem an easy thing to do as they provide a great support team to assist you through the complex processes involved in purchasing, financing, taxation, SMSF and reviewing your portfolio each year. I wouldn’t trust a lot of developers out there marketing investment properties, but Custodian is a genuine company helping every day Australians build wealth for retirement. There’s no get rich quick scheme, it’s all about managing your cash flow to hold multiple properties for the long term so that in retirement we won’t be living on a tiny government or superannuation pension. In nearly 20 years investing with Custodian, I’ve never had any issues with them and have friends who have also been longtime investors. Highly recommend Custodian to assist you with your property investment journey!”

We love it when people find us, follow our processes, and then realize their financial success. For Cassandra’s case, together with her satisfaction, we are proud to be a reliable property investment consultant throughout her years!

If you are looking for your own pattern to be wealthy, contact us for your personal consultancy session. Whatever you dream for, we do provide a tailored property investment strategy. Furthermore, do not forget to download for free of our best seller book: The 7 Steps to Wealth.

With John Fitzgerald‘s guidance, Cassandra and her husband have learned about the power of the right investment to own 3 properties right now, even though she works a part-time job.

Custodian Wealth Builders are considered just one of many experts in the field of property investment. They provide a considerable amount of feedback for you to be the judge! Why not go to Custodian site and actually judge for yourself!


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